MHSRS 2018 

20-23. August we were invited to present a research poster at  the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) exhibition in Florida. 

mhsrs poster.png
User testing in Europe, US & Australia -2018

More user testing have been done in August, September and October, both in Europe, US and Australia. All users were male. 

Skjermbilde 2018-10-05 kl. 10.52.41.png
Skjermbilde 2018-10-05 kl. 11.00.37.png
Oslo Business Forum 2018

We were invited to have a stand in the Startup village at Oslo business forum in September. During the forum we were interviewed by Norwegian TV station.

FormNext 2018

Hy5 attended the additive manunfacturion conference Formnext2018 (The leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent industrial production) in Frankfurt in November 2018, to learn more about what's new in 3D printing. 


Hy5 had a stand at the TIPS 2019 in Manchester in March. Here vi displayed our updated version of the Hy5 hand and our new glove.

User testing - UK 2019

Right handed amputee tested the Hy5 hand over a long period of time (4 weeks), doing everyday task at home and at work. Good results.

Launch of version Hy5 1.2 - 2019

Launch of Hy5 1.2, including new materials, updated software -> new webpage (

Launch of product names - 2019

The Hy5 hand is now named MyHand and our new silicone prosthetic glove i named MySkin.

User testing of MyHand Germany - 2019

Testing of MyHand on a newly amputee in Düsseldorf, with great results.

ISO standardization robotics committee - 2019

We are honored to be asked to join a Norwegian mirror committee to ISO/TC299, to help develop a new ISO standard for robotics. 

ISPO2019, Kobe - Japan

Hy5 attended the 17th ISPO in Japan, with a Hy5 booth.

This is the lages conference for prosthetics and orthotics in the world, which is held round the world every other year.

We had a great conference with massive interest in MyHand and MySkin, connecting with so many new interesting professionals all over the world. We also was invited to have a proster presentation during the ISPO..

Visit from the Norwegian Minister of Economics

In October the Norwegian Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen, visited our production facilities at Raufoss. We discussed MyHand, our company`s vision and the importance of industrial development in Norway.  

ISOP France (Nov. 7-9th)

When we were in Japan we were invited to attend the French ISPO in Leon. Looking for a Frence distributor, we were invited to stand at OKO Solution´s booth. This ISOP is mainly for the french market, and we got great feedback from CPO´s regards to MyHand and MySkin.

NITO Othopeidic conference ​(Nov. 15-17th)

Every year the Norwegian 

User testing of MyHand Norway (21. nov 2019)

Female user tested MyHand with good results. 

She had used a pincher hand all her life, never tested any other hand. She was looking for a robust hand that could handle rough work, as she has a farm.

The testing went very well, and the user will do a long term test period at home in December.

Medica 2019

We are very proud to be showcased as a pioneer-company of Norwegian healthcare at Medica 2019 in Düsseldorf, and to be a representative of sustainability in the healthcare industry!

Many thanks to Innovasjon Norge.

Global arm/hand amputee and dysmelia community

Last year we created a facebook page for upper limb amputees.

We created this group because we found that there was no such specific group for hand/arm prosthetics users, amputees or people with dysmelia. Our goal with this group is to create a community for people all around the world who either uses a hand prosthesis or misses an arm/hand/finger(s). We want this to be a channel where you can share your experiences with prosthetics or limb loss, research that you find interesting or other information you think people might be interested in, in this regard. We want this to be a place where you first and foremost can help, communicate and share with each other.

User testing - Oslo

Internal user testing meeting, going through the hand and its key features, and possible future features and grips. 

Development of App - Dec 2019 

Together with two graduate students we have looked at the MyHand App.

User testing/longterm testing - UK, 2020

Longterm user testing in UK. 

We met with a user in Leeds, UK for hand fitting and MyHand testing.

The patient took the hand home for longterm testing in his everyday environment.

User testing, double amputee - Norway

Double amputee (woman), both legs and arms.

User testing - Sweden

Left arm amputee (and both legs). 

User testing - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (male) testing in Norway.

Testing with and without glove.

User testing - Denmark

Left arm amputee patient (male).

Right MyHand prostheses were used, as the left hand prosthesis had a loose wire. Patient manage to control the prosthesis well, and was given a right prosthesis to test at home the next day.

User testing - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (male) testing grips in Norway.

Testing skipole grip.

User testing - Sweden

Right arm amutee patient (male) testing in Sweden..

User testing - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (female) testing at Hy5 office in Oslo.

Testing gips with a pressure sensor.

User testing - UK

Right arm dysmelia patient (male) testing in Leeds, UK

Testing with and without glove, using SHAP test. Patient when home with the hand for a long term testing.

User testing - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (male) testing in Norway.

Testing grips, strength and durability - SHAP test..

Mye testing - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (male) testing his Myoelectric muscles signals.

Hy5 article in Onshape

We were a approached by Onshape, our 3D CAD tool company. They wanted to make an article about Hy5 and how we use Onshape in developing hand prosthesis. 

The article can be read here:

User testing - Germany

Right arm amputee patient (male) testing in Düsseldorf.

The patient was aputated 5 month ago, and had never used a prosthesis before. 

The fitting and testing went well. The patient had great control over the hand (and elbow).

User meeting - Norway

We invited a group of users to our office, going through hand design, development of new features, getting feedback on what they would like in their next hand prosthesis. Great evening with great people!!

HelpingHand presentation  - Norway
User testing - Norway

Right arm dysmelia patient (male) testing in Norway.

Testing MyHand II grips without glove.

Making new user videos - Norway

We made new user videos for our webpage explaining the different grips in everyday settings. 

See all clips at

User testing - Sweden

Patient is testing how to get on the MySkin glove by him self.

Updated glove sample 

Manufactured the glove with more detailing. 

AAOP - Chicago US

We attended the AAOP in Chicago in March 2020. 

Great conference with a lot of CPOs from all over the world.

Pressure sensor testing 
User testing MyHand I and MyHand II - Norway

Left arm dysmelia patient (male) tested MyHand II and MyHand I. 

MyHand II without cover.

The next generation of MyHand
Testing co-contraction

Dysmelia patient (male) tested co-contraction with and without a glove.

Hy5 MyHand demo kit

The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic stopped all traveling for a while, and we had to figure a way to get MyHand to the clinic's fast and efficient to get test and user feedback. We developed the Hy5 Demo Kit and online Hy5 MyHand webinar. We have had great feedback on the webinar and our product kit.