Project description

Disruptive myoelectrical prosthetic hand

Hy5 has developed a disruptive myoelectrical prosthetic hand

– bringing a unique value proposition of advanced gripping

functionality and comfort at a competitive cost. The core of

our prosthesis is its patented hydraulics-based design,

combined with highly mechanically optimized, 3D-printed

parts for an unmatched value-for-money gripping

performance and lifelike weight for utmost end-user comfort.

Problem adressed:The needs of prosthetic hand users are still

widely unaddressed, with 1/5 of end-users giving up on

prosthesis use altogether. Discomfort and poor functionality are

key complaints of prosthesis end-users, with >75% considering

their current prosthesis too heavy and too slow for daily use.

Solution: Hy5’s unique design uses a combination of pumps and

valves that allows fingers to be moved independently by a

single central pumping unit. This not only allows to

significantly lower the complexity of the overall system

architecture, but also enables advanced gripping functionalities and gesture freedom without significantly

ramping the prosthesis cost. Moreover, highly optimized use of advanced materials and 3D printing allow to bring

the prosthesis weight on pair with the human hand – addressing a key end-user priority for comfort.